Sunday, December 16, 2018

Business Management

Are you a Decision Maker or Procrastinator?

Decision-making is the key to moving forward and in doing so the greatest obstacle is procrastination.

Think the time you spend answering e-mail, composing and trolling Twitter doesn’t have an impact? Think again. Procrastinating in making business decisions generates enormous costs from time wasted and decisions delayed.

There are several approaches that may be considered to eliminate this waste.

1. Don’t delay. 
Any time you put something off the problem often gets bigger leading to more stress and possibly more procrastination. Recognize this behavior.

2. Reduce the issue to small tasks. 
Work in short bursts to complete each portion. This focused activity for short periods allows you to get the feel for accomplishment. Concentrate on results, not on being busy.

3. Learn to prioritize. 
You may never get caught up with everything you need to do. To be an effective leader you have to prioritize and decide what’s important and manage your time effectively.

4. Turn off distractions. 
If necessary, turn off email, stop answering the phone; give 100% attention to the task at hand.

5. Create a daily plan. 
At the end of each day spend 3-5 minutes setting up the next day’s schedule. It may save an hour the next day while you try to determine where to start your work activity.

6. Be accountable. 
Make yourself accountable to someone for what you want to accomplish. This could be an associate, friend, or business mentor. 

A task can more easily be tackled if you visualize it completed. Remember the “Law of Expanded Time”. Work will fill the time available to complete it. By making less time available to complete a task, you will spend less time completing it.


I hope these ideas help with your decision-making process. Please let me know your thoughts.

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