Sunday, November 5, 2017

Business Management

Networking tips

Networking can be a core tactic for both independent professionals and small business owners. Customers are more easily attained this way than through costly and time consuming cold calling. Here are a few ways to enhance your networking.

1. Set goals 
When attending networking meetings are you attending to learn? Make contacts? Or strictly making business connections.

2. Volunteer help
 This provides you with greater visibility and you give back to groups that help you. Act as a resource for others to enhance your role.

3. Clearly articulate your needs
Some people cannot answer a simple question like “How can I help you”?

4. Think long term
Connections open doors but relationships close deals. Networking is not just exchanging business cards and email addresses. Networking pays off when long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships are formed.

5. Follow-up
 If you receive referrals follow-up quickly. The way you respond is a reflection on the person providing the referral.

I hope these ideas help. Please let me know your thoughts.